Remove noxious weeds from your property.

A noxious weed is a plant that is not native to the United States or to Utah. These plants have been brought in by ignorance, mismanagement or accident.

A noxious weed is invasive species of a plant that has been designated by county or state as one that is injurious to agricultural and or horticultural crops, natural habitats and ecosystems, or human or livestock.

Occasionally some are native. Noxious weeds typically are plants that grow aggressively, multiply quickly without some type of control and adversely affect native habitats and cropland.

Noxious weeds are a large problem in many parts of Summit County greatly affecting acres of agriculture land, forest lands, parks, ski resorts and open spaces around older subdivisions.

Devastation caused by noxious weeds is enormous. Economic losses from weeds exceed $20 billion annually in the United States.

Prevention, preserving and protecting lands not presently infested, is the first line of defense against aggressive noxious weeds.

Prevention requires awareness. Summit County is beefing up their program to get the word out to the public. To recognize, report, and control new infestations before they become a problem.

The Summit County Weed Department has created a guide to these noxious weeds that we have in our communities and how to remove them.
Click here to download this resource.

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