Use native plants for landscaping.

Native plants can be a gardener’s best friend. They will thrive without much care, survive the cold winters and hot summers, and are disease and pest resistant. These species have worked for thousands of years to get used to the growing conditions of the surrounding area and are now ready for you to utilize their years of evolution.

Natural landscapes contribute positively to the overall quality of the environment by improving air, water and soil quality while providing much-needed wildlife habitat (attract butterflies and birds). These plants provide the best overall food sources for wildlife, while requiring less fertilizer, less water and less effort in controlling pests. Over time this translates to less cost to maintain a garden.

Using native plants in your landscape is a win-win for you and the environment.

Here are the top ten reasons to use native plants in your landscape:

(Long Island Gardening Community Resource)

  1. Once established, native plants require little care and maintenance.
  2. Native plants save money on landscaping costs.
  3. Native plants are pest and disease resistant.
  4. Once established, native plants require little or no watering.
  5. Once established, native plants require no fertilization (or pesticides).
  6. Native plants survive harsh winters and hot dry summers.
  7. Native plants provide wildlife with food and protection.
  8. Native plants help reduce erosion to a minimum (good for riverbanks).
  9. Native plants are non-invasive.
  10. Native plants look like they belong in the landscape.

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