Recycle products whenever possible.

Trash comes from many sources. In addition to bottles, boxes, cans, paper and yard waste, we discard several million tons of tires as well as appliances, furniture and clothing each year. Packaging waste, including glass, aluminum, plastics, metals and cardboard add significantly to annual waste totals, along with yard trimmings.

Fortunately, many items we no longer need can be recycled and/or reused rather than simply thrown out as trash. Recycling involves taking materials that would normally be discarded as waste and giving them a new life.

In our communities, recyclables can be placed in special containers for curbside pickup, or we can utilize drop-off centers to help encourage residents to not throw away recyclables.

By taking the time to recycle, not only will our need for landfills and incineration be reduced, but we will also be helping to conserve national resources such as timber, water and minerals, sustaining the environment for future generations.

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