Eliminate junk mail.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 4 million tons of junk mail are produced each year. Not only does this unnecessary mail fill our own mail boxes but it also is a waste of precious natural resources each year:

  • More than 100 million trees are cut down.
  • About 28 billion gallons of water are used.
  • Creating and shipping junk mail produces more emissions than 9 million cars.

To eliminate junk mail, you must contact one of the following organizations to have your name removed from their mailing lists:

  • National Do Not Mail List
    When you complete the online National Do Not Mail List form, you can indicate if there are any mailings you would like to receive (a list is provided). You can choose as many or as few—or none—as you want.
  • Direct Marketing Association
    You can register online or by regular mail. Your request is good for five years, and you can let them know what mail you want to get as well as what you don’t want.

Neither DirectMail.com nor the Mail Preference Service can guarantee that your name will be removed from ALL mailing lists on which you appear. Therefore you may want to try some of the suggestions listed in the following sites:

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