What Thriving Lifestyles are all about.

We wanted to develop a program that provides ideas, actions, resources and information that people can use to make their lives better, their communities stronger and their environments cleaner.

To do that, we created the Thriving Lifestyle Program. We wanted to change the conversation from just environmental, social and economic factors (the traditional components of “sustainability”), to include all of the components of our lives that enable us to thrive – health, family, community, economy and the environment. Getting beyond just being sustainable living to THRIVING!

In developing this program, we searched for something similar, a comprehensive guide to sustainable living or sustainable communities. We couldn’t find anything that truly covered all three areas of sustainability and that would resonate with a broad array of people. So, we wrote one for all of us to use. That is how the Thriving Lifestyles Program began.

To make the information and ideas meaningful to everyone, we broke the program in to 10 areas of our lives that we can thrive within. These are areas that we can all identify with, areas that mean something immediate, and areas that we have some control over.

Whether you want to thrive more with your Family and Friends, or need ideas on how to thrive with your Money or your Community, this program has the information for you.

We truly hope that this exciting, new, first-of-its-kind program enables us all to thrive. The goals of this program are to provide resources and actions that we all can take to create happy families, live healthy lives, have a cleaner environment, a stronger economy and thriving communities. In addition, we want our communities, neighbors and families to be involved in the discussion of what it means to thrive.

Welcome to the site.

Please contact me if you have questions, ideas, suggestions or just want to comment.


Thanks and here’s to THRIVING!

Katie Mullaly, June 2013

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