Welcome to the Thriving Lifestyles Program!

The Summit County Health Department is excited to announce our Thriving Lifestyles Program. The first-of-its-kind program has been created to promote healthy communities, a healthy environment and health lives through information, resources and community engagement.

This new program is here to provide information, resources and actions that we all CAN do to THRIVE.

What it means to THRIVE:
  • We all take actions as individuals and families to better our lives and those around us.
  • We work together as neighbors to address the needs of our communities.
  • Our local environment is healthy and taken care of.
  • We have a strong economic foundation.
  • Our community is healthy and happy.
  • We go beyond being sustainable – we are thriving.

Utilize the ideas and steps on this site to help create happy families, healthy lives, a clean environment, a strong economy and thriving communities.

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