Utilize local destinations.

When we utilize local destinations, it is good for our community, family, economy and the environment.

If you do have to make that trip, are the local destinations or services that you can utilize instead of driving a further distance to others?

It is easy to think that we can save money by driving further to stores that are offering products at a lower price, including cheaper gasoline, but when you add in the costs of traveling a further distance – gas, wear and tear on your car, your time – the savings don’t always add up.

Plus, when we use local destinations and services we are usually supporting a small, locally-owned business. So even if it may cost a bit more to utilize local services and shops, our money is staying in the community and we are saving time and gas.

How to use local destinations:

First and foremost, support the small, locally-owned business in your community versus driving to the large, big-box retail stores (such as WalMart and Home Depot). You might spend a bit more money, but know that your hard-earned dollars are staying in your community.

Know what businesses are in your community and what they offer.

First steps:

Get to know what is available locally and make a conscious effort to buy what you need in your home town before driving elsewhere.

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