Recognizing and Honoring Differences

As the Sundance Film Festival is descending upon our little community, this is a great time to remind all of us, both locals and visitors, that in order for our communities to THRIVE, we all need to recognize and honor the fact that we are all different and have diverse values.

It doesn’t matter how someone is dressed, what their passions or hobbies are, where they are from or who they love. Every person is different and it is VITAL that we respect that. You don’t have to agree with their lives and values because they probably don’t agree with how you live yours or your values.

Just because someone doesn’t live like you, doesn’t think or look like you, or have the same beliefs, doesn’t mean you have a right to judge them or that they are wrong.

If you do find yourself judging or criticizing others that aren’t like you, always remember you might be wrong! (This is a great way to always look at the world – because you just might actually be wrong.)

To read more about how to recognize and honor the differences and values of others in our community visit:

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