Have a positive attitude.

We all have a way that we choose to look at the world, our lives and the things that happen to us and our families – either positively or negatively. Because we get to choose that outlook, why not look at things with a positive attitude.

When we have a positive attitude, we thrive with our community, our family, our health and our economy.

When you look at life as a positive experience, the positive results reflect back. When you look at life through a negative filter, all that you see is negative. The positive aspects can’t get through. It is your attitude that defines how your life looks to you, to others and what you see back.

Yes, things in life often don’t happen as we would have wanted them to, no matter what our attitude is. However, when you exist with a positive outlook, these times become challenges and not difficulties.

In addition, when you have a positive outlook you bring in more positive opportunities in to your life, as opposed to negative experiences. It has been proven that a positive attitude can help your body in healing. People would much rather be around someone with a good outlook with positive energy. And, people with a positive attitude are happier people, which adds to a happier family and healthy community.

How to have a positive attitude:

Here are some actions you can take to develop a positive attitude.

  1. Believe that happiness is a choice, that we choose our attitudes.
  2. Be grateful for each day and what you have.
  3. Get rid of the negative things in your life. This includes negative people, negative situations and most importantly, your own negative thoughts.
  4. See the positive aspects in all situations. When something is difficult, see it as a challenge and an opportunity to grow and learn. When you experience loss, use that as a reminder of what is important or as an opportunity to move on to something new. When you experience failure or disappointment, look at it as a chance to learn something, not become the victim of the situation.
  5. See the good and the potential in yourself. How you think about yourself directly determines what the outcomes of your actions will be. If you think you can’t do something, then you won’t. If you think you are lazy, you won’t work hard. However, if you think you can, you end up doing. If you think you are able to accomplish something, you will take the necessary steps to achieve it.
  6. See the positive aspects in others. Every person has some good inside so look for their strengths and what is positive about them.
  7. Anticipate positive outcomes. When you go into a situation thinking it will be horrible, it will be. When you approach an activity or situation with a positive attitude thinking you will have fun, or it will be something that will be a challenge and you can grow from it, your experience will be positive.

First steps:

Be aware of every negative thought that comes into your head, or has been there for a while, and get rid of it. Each time that though emerges, develop a way to squish it. Imagine it blowing up, or it becoming a target in a skeet shoot, or you stomping on it with your foot. Find whatever works for you and eliminate the negative thought running around in your own head. This will free up space for the positive ones to enter.

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