Making Choices

Your choices are determining the direction of your life.
Choose them carefully and wisely.

One of the greatest gifts we have is the ability to make our own choices. It is these choices that we make that continually shape our lives. Unfortunately, many of us go through life unconsciously making decisions that can have both small and large impacts on our lives.

In order to truly thrive, we need to be aware of the choices we are making – the good and the bad ones. When we are, we can make sure the choice we are about to make is good for us, our community, our family, and so on. When we understand our choices have power, we can avoid many of the problems that are a result of poor choices or choosing not to choose.

Here are some tips to become aware of your choices:

  1. Remember that you are in charge of the choices you make.
  2. Make choices based on your personal values.
  3. Be in the present moment, mentally and emotionally when making a choice.
  4. Think about where you want to be in life (both short term and long term) and make choices that will take you there.

To start with, pick one choice that you make every day (what you are going to eat, how are you going to spend your money, etc.) and before you make a decision (donut or fruit for breakfast), stop and think if this will be the best choice for you. When this becomes a habit, move on to another choice.

Remember that not making a choice to act is still a choice.


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