The keys to making meaningful changes in our lives.

Change can be difficult. Even the simplest adaptations to our lives can cause conflict. But just the slightest changes or adaptations in our behaviors can produce great results. From more time together as a family, to cleaner drinking water to a bigger bank account, the changes and ideas presented in this booklet can lead to a better life.

Many items won’t require big changes but just small adjustments to our daily lives. Others however, might need you to behave in ways you hadn’t before – new decisions and actions, different ways of thinking, and changes in habits.

In order for these action steps to be effective and for you and your family to thrive, the changes you make need to be doable, pleasant and permanent.

How to make changes:

As you utilize this guide, understand that the items requiring different, new behaviors won’t be automatic or that you should do them all at once.

  • Think of these changes a ‘goals’ and not ‘resolutions.’ With a goal, we are geared to work towards it, allowing slipups.
  • Be realistic – avoid trying to change everything at once.
  • Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. The old behaviors have been with you for a long time. Understand that it will take practice to implement the new ones.
  • Work your way up to the new behaviors.
    • Have family night twice a month at first, working your way to once a week.
    • Slowly add in fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals.
  • Reward yourself and your family for making these important changes.

First steps:

Don’t try and make a number of changes all at once. Focus on one change that you want to make a day. Pick one item from this program and focus on it. After it becomes a habit, choose another.

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