Making Changes, Part 1

So much of the Thriving Lifestyles Program is about making small changes in our lives. And even though these changes will be good for us and have a positive impact on our lives, they are tough to make. Change can be difficult, even the simplest ones. So to start off our regular THRIVING tips, let’s talk about how to make positive, lasting changes.

These changes can be big ones that might require new behaviors, or small ones that really equate to just minor adjustments in our daily lives. Either way, change can be accomplished, and here’s one way how:

Understand that your new ways of behaving won’t be automatic. So cut yourself some slack if they don’t take hold the first time. Real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Our old, comfortable behaviors have been with us for a long time. So be patient and understand that it takes practice to implement these new actions.

Just keep trying and hopefully, eventually these new actions will be part of your daily routine. But remember to keep them in mind – change is also mental and we need to remember that we WANT to change as well.

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