Get regular vaccines.

When we are our families are properly vaccinated we benefit the community, our family and health and our economy.

Vaccines and immunizations are one of public health’s greatest triumphs and an important aspect of preventive medicine appropriate for all ages. With the exception of safe water, no other health strategy, not even the production of antibiotics, has had such a tremendous effect on reducing disease and improving health.

Getting the proper immunizations is a simple, lifelong, life-protecting community effort. Recommended immunizations begin soon after birth and should continue throughout life. By staying on target with recommended immunizations, we are not only protecting our families and ourselves; we also protect those around us who would otherwise be exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Don’t forget about your pets. They need immunizations throughout their lives as well.

How to be properly vaccinated:

Talk with your health care provider about the necessary vaccines you and your family need. Keep good records of those vaccines so you can stay up-to-date on these important disease prevention measures.

For children with little or no health insurance, the Summit County Health Department has programs to provide some vaccines. Visit them at or call 435-333-1500.

First steps:

Find out which immunizations you need. Even adults need vaccines, especially when traveling. Visit the Summit County Health Department site for complete information. Links are located above and in the Vaccine Information section.

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