Say “thank you” often.

“Thank you” is a simple expression of gratitude, yet can have a big impact.

By recognizing that another person has done something for you through thanking them, you show that you value them and their actions. They in turn feel good about what they have done for you.

We all need and want to be recognized for the things we do for others. Whether it is from our kids that we drive to school every day, or coworkers who ask us to help them with projects, or our spouses who we make dinner for every night, we need to hear “thank you” from them.

In turn, all those people who help us out in our daily lives need this recognition as well.

How to show this recognition:

Our health, families and community all thrive when we say “thank you.”

Saying “thank you” to someone doesn’t take any extra time from our busy schedules, yet it can make a positive impact on our day as well as those that we encounter.

  • When you wake up each morning, say “thank you” for another day.
  • Say “thank you” to each and every person that helps you out in some way – from the coffee shop attendant to the grocery store clerk to the person who holds the door for you.
  • We often forget to thank our family members because we are around them all the time and can take for granted what they do for us. Thank those in your life that make it a better place to be:
  • Thank your spouse for working hard for money to pay the bills.
  • Thank your kids for cleaning their rooms and doing their homework.
  • Thank your school teachers for all the hard work they do.
  • Recognize how you feel when someone doesn’t acknowledge what you have done for them. Utilize this feeling to help you remember to thank those who do things for you.

First steps:

When you wake up each morning, say “thank you” for another day.

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