Make good lifestyle choices every day.

Making good lifestyle choices helps our health, families, community and economy along with the environment to thrive.

The quality of our lives and health is largely due to the choices that we make every day. These choices include how we eat, if we exercise and what our mind set is going to be (either positive or negative). Fortunately, every day presents a new chance to make healthy choices, and each one of these choices adds up to our overall health and well-being. So even if we haven’t done so well with our lifestyle choices up to now, we can still make changes and improve our health, starting today.

We need to be aware of our lifestyle choices. Stop and think about each one and make sure that the choice we are about to make is good for our health. By making one good choice, we feel better and tend to make more good choices throughout the day. These add up to a healthy lifestyle.

How to make these choices:

Remember that every day you are in control of your choices. Choose to make the best choices that will bring you a healthy, happy life.

  • Be in the present moment when you make a choice.
  • Understand the implications of the choice and your alternatives.
  • What are your emotions at this moment of choosing? Are they playing a role in your decision making?
  • Be aware of and honor your own personal values.
  • Be aware of where you want to be in life, both short term and long term, and make choices that will take you there.

First steps:

Be aware of the choices you make. Think about each one and the options surrounding that choice – are there better options or decisions you can make.

  • Choose a healthy breakfast over a doughnut.
  • Choose to go for a walk at lunch.
  • Choose to exist in a positive mindset
  • Even if you don’t make a good decision (you choose the doughnut for breakfast), don’t let it ruin the rest of your day. Continue to make the best decisions for your health.
  • Know that you are the only one who can make these choices and take the actions to be healthy

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