Get out and be active and exercise.

The human body is built for movement. Our sedentary culture is causing our bodies to experience illness, weight problems and joint issues, along with depression and other mental disorders.

Being active through things like exercise, outdoor games and even walks has many benefits. A little bit of physical activity is better than none at all. By being active for as little as 10 minutes each day you can:

The simple act of exercise benefits not only our health but also our family and our economy. 

  • Cut down your risk of getting heart disease.
  • Lower your chance of having a stroke or heart attack.
  • Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or even some cancers.
  • Lower your blood pressure if it is too high.
  • Make your bones and muscles stronger.
  • Have more energy.
  • Feel better about yourself.
  • Reduce feelings of depression and sadness.
  • Keep your weight at a healthy level.
  • Sleep better.
  • Do daily activities more easily as you get older.

A good goal would be to exercise at least 150 minutes each week – that’s only 25 minutes per day. Your body will thank you!

How to be more active:

While some people like to stay fit by running or going to the gym, those aren’t the only ways to be active. You can get many of the same health benefits by playing with your kids at the playground, gardening, walking a dog at the animal shelter, or taking a dance class. You can also build physical activity into your daily life by riding your bike to the post office, walking your kids to school, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Have fun and try a variety of activities until you find one that you enjoy.

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