Support your local farmers and buy locally-grown produce and products when possible.

There are a number of great reasons to buy locally grown produce and support local farmers.

Great reasons to buy locally-grown food:

    1. It is fresh and tasty! Local food was probably picked just before it went to market, at the height of its ripeness and is still fresh, not picked weeks ago and shipped from across the country.
    2. It is better for you. When produce is picked when it is ripe and sold right away, it is at its height of nutrition.
    3. It supports our local farmers. When you buy conventional produce, only 11 cents of every dollar actually goes to the farmer. When you buy fresh produce directly from the farmer, they get 100% of that dollar. This enables them to keep farming and continue providing food for the community.
    4. It builds a strong community. By purchasing directly from your local farmer, you are establishing a connection between you, the land and those that grow your food.

Supporting local farmers and producers benefits our community, health, economy and the environment..

  1. It provides you opportunities to learn about and experience different types of foods. Local farms grow a variety of different foods throughout the season, bringing you an array of colors and flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.
  2. It helps preserve farmland. Farmland will survive only as long as farms make money. When you buy local food, you are helping to ensure that food will continue to be grown on the land.
  3. It supports a clean environment. On average, produce travels 1,500 miles to get to the consumer. When you buy food that was grown and sold locally, you are contributing to less greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. It supports sustainable farming practices. Local farms understand the need for sustainable practices in order to ensure their long-term viability. These practices include crop rotations, maintain healthy soil and keeping our local water sources clean.
  5. It enhances your local economy. When farmers make money, they in turn use that money in the community. They pay taxes, they shop locally and they hire local workers.
  6. Local food is safe. There’s a unique kind of assurance that comes from looking a farmer in the eye at farmers’ market or driving by the fields where your food comes from. Local farmers aren’t anonymous and they take their responsibility to the consumer seriously.
  7. It is the right thing to do. Local food is an investment in the future. By supporting local farmers today, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. That is a matter of importance for food security, especially in light of an uncertain energy future and our current reliance on fossil fuels to produce, package, distribute and store food.

How to support our local farmers and producers:

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