Become a conscious eater.

Eating is one of the three vital components of life, along with breathing and drinking. Unfortunately, we tend to not treat it as such.

We have lost the importance of eating. It has become something we do just to fill the hole in our stomachs. We need to remember, be aware of the fact that eating, especially what we eat, is one of the most important, and necessary things we can do for our bodies, our minds and our health.

When we are aware of what we are eating, our health, our families and our economy thrives.

Consider the value you place on food. Do you focus only on convenience and price? Or do you consider the quality and nutrition? Some people believe that “food is medicine.” If you were to view food the same way, would this change any of the purchases you make?

Being a conscious eater means that you think about the foods you eat and how they will affect your health. It means stopping and taking a minute to either plan what you are going to eat, or at least ponder what is in your hand at the time and consider if what you are going to eat will benefit you. You don’t have to make the perfect choice every time (it’s OK to have a slice of birthday cake), but become more aware of the choices you make.

It is also about how you eat, not just what you eat.

How to be a conscious eater:

Before you mindlessly eat something, take a second and be aware of following items:

  • Am I hungry, really hungry, or am I bored or looking for something to do?
  • How will this food make me feel right after I eat it? Great because I ate something healthy that my body was truly craving? Or ill because it was full of sugars, chemicals or fat?

Here are some other things to be aware of while you are eating:

  • Eat at a table, not at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy each bite.
  • Eat until your hunger is gone, not until you are full. When you hit the point of full, you have eaten too much.

First steps:

Every time you go to eat something, whether a small snack or a big meal, think about that food you are going to put into your body. Will it make you feel better or worse after you eat it?

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