Spend time together as a family.

Spending time with your family helps not only your family but your community, your economy and your health thrive.

Spending time together can provide your children with feelings of love, support and safety. This time together can also improve the quality of your marriage – families aren’t just composed of a parent and children but of spouses as well.

When you spend this time with your children you provide opportunities for them to learn new and proper behaviors and skills. This time also gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better and strengthen the bond as a family.

Do things that involve the whole family with no other distractions. Watching TV as a group doesn’t count nor does playing video games. It should to be face-to-face time, free of electronics and on a regular basis.

How to spend more time with your family:

It can be a challenge with our busy days to try and find the time to do some of the things listed. But just try and fit them in a couple times a week and hopefully in time, these actions will become daily routines.

  • Have dinner together as a family, even bring the kids in to help cook and then have everyone help clean up. Keep the phones and the TV off and enjoy talking with one another.
  • Have a family game night at least once a week. The games can be inside playing the good old-fashioned ones like Monopoly or Sorry. Or take it outside for tag, basketball, a good snowball fight or anything else you can play together.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood together. Not only will you all get some good exercise, but you will have a chance to interact with your neighbors.

First steps:

Start with one night a week. Turn off all screens (TV, computer, cell phones) and play a game or cook and eat dinner together.

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