Express your own voice with confidence!

It is sad that many of us don’t express our own voices or opinions out of fear, insecurities, shyness or for a plethora of other reasons. But for our own mental well-being, we need to be able to speak freely and stand for what we believe.

Know that your opinions are valuable and that you can express your own voice. When you do, the dialog opens up allowing for broader perspectives and for everyone to be heard.

Here are some ways to say what you want and need to say with confidence:

  1. Don’t worry about what other people will think about you when you speak your mind. We all have the freedom of speech, and nobody can take that away from us.
  2. Don’t let aggressive people intimidate you or keep you from speaking up. If someone is threatened by your opinion or statements, don’t back down. Stand your ground and know that you have the right to express yourself.
  3. Remain calm. It’s very important not to let your emotions take over entirely. Remember that this is just a conversation, and you will be better able to make your point if you speak calmly.
  4. Don’t shout. Yelling doesn’t make people hear you any better. In fact, it can cause them to tune you out.
  5. Speak clearly and make yourself heard, without having to yell. Speak just loudly enough so that people can hear your voice, and your opinion.
  6. Practice speaking your mind around your friends and family. Even for decisions that seem small or unimportant, let your opinion be heard. Be part of the group decision-making process.
  7. Believe in yourself! If you believe what you have to say is important, others will too

Let go of self-judgment and inner criticism. We are our own worst critics and that inner judgment can keep us from speaking our minds. Turn off your own inner critic and turn on your confidence.

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