VOTE and fully understand the issues you are voting on.

Voting affects all aspects of thriving. Voting can have an impact on our families, community, health, economy and environment.

As Americans we not only have the ability to vote, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to vote. When you don’t cast your vote, you don’t let your opinion be heard and can’t have an impact on what goes on in your community or in our country.

When we vote, it is essential that we fully understand the issues and potential outcomes and impacts of the votes we cast.

Form opinions that are your own, that you have developed through research, questioning, listening and evaluating.

How to be a knowledgeable voter:

  • Register to vote, without this important step, nothing else matters.
  • Research the candidates and issues on the ballot.
  • Vote, vote, vote!
  • Encourage others to do the same.

First steps:

Vote in every election, period.

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