Care for the elderly in your community.

The elderly in our community have so much to offer – from stories of their past, to experience, knowledge, friendship and love. Unfortunately, they are often alone, isolated from their neighbors with families who live out of town.

These seniors are often able to still live on their own but they sometimes need a bit of help in order to maintain their independence. By reaching out and spending just a short amount of time each week, you can make a difference in their lives, as well as your own.

How to care for the seniors in our neighborhoods:

Caring for the elderly enables our community, our family and our health to thrive.

  • Identify an elderly family member or neighbor who might need your assistance. Talk to that individual to let them know you are available to help.
  • Let your elderly friends and family members know that you are available to run basic errands for them. Be specific. List the time when you are available as well as how far you can travel to complete an errand. You are opening up the door for a senior citizen to contact you if he needs someone to pick up groceries, do some light shopping or run other general errands for him.
  • Offer to visit with an elderly individual in your community a couple hours per week. Many seniors who live independently are lonely. You can help to brighten their week by stopping by for a chat a couple times each week. Ask her when it is convenient for you to visit.
  • Share a meal or two each week with a senior adult who lives nearby. Sometimes older individuals who live alone do not eat proper meals. They might not feel like cooking for one. Prepare enough food for both of you and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with the elderly individual. If you do not have time to eat with him you can still stop by with a covered dish for him to enjoy.
  • Check in with elderly neighbors when the weather is poor. You can clear snow off walkways and driveways. During severe thunderstorms, make certain they are not without power. Even check with those elderly neighbors when the weather is calm but extremely hot, to ensure they are faring well in the heat.
  • Support the development and expansion of programs for them – we will all hopefully be elderly some day and will want to enjoy life in this community.

First steps:

Know who these seniors are. Get their phone numbers and those of their families. Shovel for them in the winter. Take their trash can out. Check in on a regular basis to make sure they are alright.

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