Pick up litter you see, even if it isn’t yours.

Remember, you have probably accidentally dropped something at one. We all have a responsibility to keep our communities clean. This includes throwing away our own garbage in proper containers as well as picking up litter that we come across. It is an easy thing that we can all do.

How to take care of litter:

Picking up litter is not only good for our local environment but also for our community and economy.

To begin with, start noticing the bits of litter around us – scraps of paper, old water bottles, etc. Then pick up the bits of trash that you were going to step over and throw them away.

  • When you are out for a walk or a hike, take a small bag with you to put the trash you find in it.
  • Teach your children to leave an area cleaner than when they found it – a campground, picnic area or other places you enjoy as a family.
  • Get involved with the local “Adopt a Highway” program and help clean up our roadways.

First steps:

Just pick up one piece of litter you would have otherwise stepped over.

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