Participate in community meetings and events.

Participating in local meetings and events helps our families, health, economy, community and the environment to thrive.

A community is made up of more than just people and neighbors. It is also constructed out of policies, decisions, actions and events. The success of these other components is dependent upon input from those who live in that community.

When we step up and attend meetings, especially ones that could have an effect on our community, we are letting our voices be heard and hopefully impacting the outcomes of these meetings. It is especially important to attend and be engaged in meetings that have to do with our schools, our economic development and the uses of the land and resources around us. Without our input, decisions will be made that could affect us in a negative way.

By attending local events, we are showing our support for that event and encouraging other events to happen in our community. Local events are a great place to see what our community has to offer and learn new things about the places we live. Plus, it is a great way to see our neighbors and friends.

How to participate:

  • Find out when the next meeting is for your local government, school board, county government, planning commission or any other group in your community. Attend these meetings, listen to what they have to say and let your voice be heard.
  • Look for local events to attend with your family. These include the county fair, holiday celebrations, fund-raising events, art festivals, farmers markets and a variety of other opportunities.

First steps:

Pick one event or meeting to attend and bring your family along.

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