Support local organizations and non-profits.

Local organizations and non-profits benefit our communities in many ways and they are reliant upon our support.

These local non-profits and other groups enhance our quality of life, care for the underserved and make our communities the great place that they are. These organizations do everything from caring for the uninsured, creating trails, saving farm land and rescuing homeless pets. But they can’t fill these important roles without the community’s financial and volunteer support.

How to support our local organizations:

Supporting our local organizations and non-profits benefits our community, our family and health, and our environment.

Donate when you can to organizations that you believe in and take part in their fundraising events.

Volunteer on a regular basis for these and other organizations. This can be a monthly commitment or help during an event. Take the time, even if it is just a few hours a month, to support this vital part of our communities.

Contact the organization and ask them what they need help with and when they need help to confirm that they would be a good fit for your abilities and availability.

Make it a family event with everyone helping out. Not only will this help the organization, but it will also teach your children the important lesson of community service.

First steps:

Research what kinds of local organizations and non-profits are in our community and decide as an individual or as a family which ones you believe in and could support.

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