Offer a smile or a greeting to people you pass by and acknowledge those that are providing you with a service.

It is so easy to walk past each other, our heads down looking at our phones, or just avoiding eye contact. But, all this is doing is creating a bigger void between us all, leaving us more and more isolated.

Smiling and acknowledging others is great for our health, our families and the community.

It takes no extra energy to keep our heads up, make eye contact and smile at someone you pass by. And, through that simple interaction, we are lifting the spirits of others, creating positive energy and recognizing that there are others around us. This helps to diffuse some of this isolation that is rampant in our world.

We also need to recognize those people that provide a service to us throughout the day. This includes the clerk at the gas station, the teller at the bank, the server in the restaurant and the grocery store employee. All of these people and more, help us out with our needs and deserve some recognition, even though it is their job.

These folks see many people during their shift, and there is a good chance that most of those people were indifferent to them or possibly even rude. So why not be that one person that can make their job a little better by acknowledging them, smiling and thanking them for helping you.

How to smile and acknowledge others:

Keep your head up when walking and be aware of others around you. If you do make eye contact, smile or offer a simple greeting. That’s it.

You never know what that small acknowledgment and recognition could mean to the other person. It can mean a lot when you receive a smile back.

When someone helps you or is just doing their job, acknowledge them by saying hello, smiling and being polite, and always thank them. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for the work they do, everyone. So why not take a few seconds and do the same for those doing a job for you.

First steps:

Simply say “thank you” and smile at the next store clerk you encounter. Hold your head high when out and about and keep a smile on your own face.

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