Thriving Lifestyles are about making small, everyday choices that not only enhance our own well-being but also affect the health of our communities, our economies and our environment. These choices can impact our wallets, our families, our health and our ability to thrive.

This guide provides action steps to save money, better our community, strengthen our families, create a cleaner environment and live healthier, happier lives. It’s about what we CAN DO to make our lives better, what we can GAIN and HOW we can take those steps and make those changes. It isn’t about what we have to give up or can’t do.

Thriving Lifestyles are about more than reducing energy usage and recycling. They are about engaging in our communities, supporting our local economies, promoting education and idea sharing along with thinking about and changing our ways of consumption. More importantly, Thriving Lifestyles are about being consciously aware of every choice we make because those decisions can affect our health, our communities, the environment, our own personal economies and the lives of those both locally and globally.

This guide is broken down into ten areas of your life where you can make positive changes and take meaningful actions every day. It is here is to provide you and your family with ideas, guidance and resources for making these conscious choices. We want to show you what you CAN do to make your life better and HOW to do it and how to THRIVE.

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