Filling In All The Pieces Of The PuzzleTC-Logo-noText

Everything in our lives is connected – we live within a dynamic system of interrelating issues and actions. Each part of a system affects the others and the same is true with the choices we make. A choice relating to your home can have an effect on your health or your money.

There are five components to thriving – five separate pieces of the puzzle that when they are all doing well and connected, our well-being increases and we all thrive.

red_highlightHealth: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. When our health is thriving, we feel good, are happy and productive, and able to contribute to our communities.

blue_highlightEconomy: our personal, our family’s and our community’s financial condition. A thriving economy is one where we have jobs, can save money and local businesses are successful. It is an economy where our financial condition is one of prosperity and long-term viability.

Purple_highlightFamily: this includes much more than the traditional structure of parents and children. Families are made up of extended relatives, groups of friends, individuals and even pets. When families are thriving they provide personal connections and foundations that can bring joy and happiness.

Green_highlightEnvironment: from the air we breathe, to our water and other natural resources, to the other living creatures we share this planet with; a thriving environment is something we all rely on for our existence.

Community: it is about more than just where we live. TC-Logo-noTextThriving communities are where our children go to school, where our family and friends live, and where we share common values and work together for a better future.

As the puzzle logo shows, it takes all five pieces to create a whole and to truly thrive.

The ability to thrive requires understanding that our lives are built around complex systems. That all things are connected somehow and that each part of this system affects the others. Without all the components of the system functioning properly, the system won’t thrive. In addition, we all need to understand that in a complex system, such as thriving, what we as individuals do affects others within the system. We aren’t isolated in our actions. We all have an effect on the air we breathe, the amount of clean water and the conditions on the roadways.

Personal thriving is built upon so much more than just economic prosperity or personal health. It includes your health, family, the community, economy and the environment. Without all five of these elements, that are intertwined and reliant on each other, we can’t thrive. When only one or two of these components are doing well, and the others are neglected (for example, making money at the expense of family time or the environment), you aren’t thriving.

Utilize the ideas and steps in this guide to save money, be healthier, create a stronger family and community along with a cleaner environment.

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